Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Assisi Pilgrims

We made it to Assisi! Pictured above, from left to right are Br. Ezekiel Kelly, Br. Samson Amoni, Br. Worrick Marako and Br. Hartman Dena. They are from our pacific Islands Province, Worrick coming from Papua New Guinea, and the others from the Solomon Islands. We have been making a wonderful tour of all the holy places where St. Francis lived. Saturday we visited the Basilica of St. Francis. Sunday we went to San Damiano. Monday we trekked all the way out to La Portiuncula and back, and today we went up the mountain to the Carceri, the caves where Francis used to go to pray. Part of the fun is not only the devotion and interest in seeing places we have all read about and wondered about, but also the fascination with the wires carrying electricity, the underground parking garage. Here we are examining an olive tree, which they have only read of in the Bible. We are all taking turns cooking for each other; shopping is a laugh as we act out for the shop keepers what we want. As we walked up to the Carceri today, a nun coming down said there was only a kilometer to go (she was from Indiana) so the brothers all decided to sprint. We arrive, sweaty and laughing.
There seem to be a lot of beautiful statues of St. Francis to interact with.

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