Friday, January 30, 2009

Man Up!

I received a letter, forwarded to me yesterday, from a man who is incarcerated in the Collins Correctional Facility in New York. I’d asked him earlier about his feelings about the election of Mr. Obama. He replied: “Yes, great thing about Mr. Obama! The reaction here was nutz (good). We are using the slogan “change” and Man Up because WE can do it. I was thrilled!! I just pray God will help me change in every single way.”

From the jailhouses to statehouses Mr. Obama is bringing hope and inspiration to many, many people. The message of personal responsibility was not lost on my friend.

I too pray God will change me, remove from me all defects of character and make me an instrument of peace.

I am 90% recovered from laryngitis and a terrible sore throat that grabbed me on the flight up to Seattle from San Francisco on Friday. It was a subdued beginning to my holiday, yet the enforced quiet permitted me to spend some time reflecting on how grateful I am to have time to rest, the joy of being with my family (both parents still living in the house I grew up in).

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