Monday, October 26, 2009

G'day from Darwin

I flew up to Darwin to visit Br. James Andrew who is a doctor working in the hospital here. It has been a very pleasant time of getting acquainted with each other and for me to explore a new part of the world. Saturday James took time off from the hospital and we went exploring Litchfield Park, a national wilderness park.

Here you can see James standing next to one of the great curiosities of Australia, a termite mound. Termites build these enormous structures, all carefully placed for air conditioning! Apparently they maintain a comfortable temperature inside all year round--a challenge in the blazing heat. Termites fill the ecological niche of grass eaters. There are not naturally many ruminants, so the termites eat the grass.

After several hours of driving around the park, we took a short hike to this amazing water hole--crocodile free! Had a great swim, then lazed in the shallows watching the turtles and fish swim over my feet.

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