Wednesday, September 29, 2010

uMama weThemba Monastery

I have enjoyed a really wonderful retreat and quiet time--time catching up, in this beautiful Monastery of uMariya uMama weThemba, the Order of the Holy Cross Monastery in Grahamstown South Africa. I got here late Sunday night a week ago, and was welcomed by the Prior Timothy Jolley. Tuesday September 21 I celebrated 25 years as a priest, the brothers welcoming me to celebrate at their Eucharist. I am extremely grateful for this time of rest and retreat. Tomorrow, September 30 I go to Zimbabwe to visit the brothers of the Community of the Divine Compassion

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear of your recent experiences. I hope that you still remember the time you worked with me in night ministry in Tacoma. I want to let you know that I have published a new book with the title "Climbing Up Thd Downward Spiral: Hard Times, Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Mental Illness, Suicide." In this book I share lots of stories from my night ministry. My co-author is a young pharmacist who also tells his story. My email address is:

Blessings on you in your world travels.

Dean C. Jones, PhD