Saturday, July 4, 2015

Core Trust

In his book "Daring to Trust" David Richo has written some very helpful, healing words:

"Core trust is trust in our life as it is as a trustworthy path to evolving in love, wisdom, and healing power. This is radical, nitty-gritty trust in bare-bones reality. Here our reliance is on the reliability of reality itself as right for us. This is because we trust it to grant us opportunities for growth and enlightened action.

Core trust, or surrendering to reality, is not only psychologically sane but also spiritually valuable. This follows when reality can be another word for the divine, the underlying evolutionary and sustaining force of the universe.

Core trust is an attitude of yes to the here-and-now predicaments of our lives as the perfect ingredients for building self-trust, increasing love, decreasing fear, and growing in wisdom and compassion. Our core trust is in how life unfolds, in the built-in synchronicity between events that come our way and opportunities for evolving. This means trusting that the universe may hurt but will not deliberately harm us. It may not satisfy, but it will fit our needs. Core trust means believing, with the same certainty with which we believe that the weather will change, that all that happens can ultimately be useful to our growth, can open paths on which we can advance in wisdom and love"(page 166-167).

In her characteristically earthy and cogent way my cousin said words much to the same effect after a serious set back in her life: "Another f**king growth opportunity!" I admire her for recognizing it!

It has taken me a while to get over the feeling of grievance and my personal pity party over recent set backs in my life. I have begun to think about the blessings of the move from Little Portion and the passing of my father though I'd give anything to reverse time and history on both events. I have a chance to re-locate somewhere as a result of the move, it is a call to wake up and shape my life more closely around my beliefs and values.

Dad's passing still makes my throat swell shut when I talk about it, but the hundreds of people who came to his funeral, the sweet times with my family and the stories we heard and shared over the past two weeks have revived my sense of joy in all that I shared with my Dad, and made what I share with close family and friends still all the more precious and beautiful.

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