Monday, March 9, 2009

Photos of Cameroon

Today I am in Capetown, I left Cameroon about 11:30 last night and traveled overnight and until late in the afternoon. But without mishap, and that is all that counts.

But here are the photos of my time in Cameroon.

This is a photo of me, Br. Martin of the Community of St. Michael, and Br. Emmanuel of another Franciscan community in Cameroon.

This is where Br. Martin is building his new monastery

Shopping in Cameroon can be quite an adventure: a butcher shop

And a local version of a dollar store: a roadside cart!

Here I am with the Fon (King) who was visiting his farm:

During my visit to Kumbo the Queen Mother died, so a Ju-ju performed as part of the funeral ceremonies:

It was hard to say good-bye to the Community of St. Michael. Here we were after celebrating the Holy Eucharist Thursday evening:

It was hard to leave; I am lookingforward to my next visit!

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