Friday, March 20, 2009

Safe in Zimbabwe

Thanks for all your prayers! I rrived safely in Zimbabwe on Monday evening and after paying the $80.00 visa fee sailed through customs and was met by Br. Brian, Br. Bhekimpilo and Francis, a friend of theirs who has a car. Br. Brian and Br. Behkimpilo are members of the Community of the Divine Compassion, an Anglican Franciscan Commuity in covenant with SSF through our European \province. The community was founded by my predecessor as Minister General, Br. Geoffrey in the eighties.

We drove 4 hours over dark roads to Nyanga. The brothers live in an old hotel called The Angler's REst. It is still rather impressive. They assured me the pool "has all its parts" except water--the chemicals to keep it safe are too expensive. Speaking of water, it is PURE in Nyanga!

We have had some serious meetings as well as good recreational time. A young man named Admire is a runner and he has taken me along on his 5:00 a.m. runs. We have explored Nyanga, a small town, and we have spent the mornings washing windows, and doing normal friary stuff.

Today I went into Matare, the provincial capital to meet Bishop Peter Hatembe. He is the bishop of the Church of the Province of Central Africa. It is a difficult positon in the current troubles facing the Anglican Communion. But he is a steadfast friend of the brothers, so I took him out to lunch. We at a huge plate of corn meal mush that is eaten at every meal (with fingers), and stewed chicken. Really lovely!

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